Services from appfarms

From the idea to the product.

As an IT service provider, our goal is to provide innovative solutions for streamlined business processes and increase competitiveness. We rely on cutting-edge technologies and high service quality for customer satisfaction.

Our services include custom software solutions, digitalisation support, project planning, and IT infrastructure maintenance.

With transparent communication and close collaboration, we aim to find the best solutions for our long-standing partners.

Our goal is to support customers in digital transformation, ensuring future market success with our IT services


Consulting plays an important role in the modern business world. If companies want to optimize their business processes and expand their digital presence, sound advice in the area of ​​software is often essential.

Our advice will help you choose the best technology that suits your needs. This includes evaluating software solutions for their suitability, user-friendliness, security and integration into existing systems. We also support you in implementing the individual development and training of your employees.

We are your reliable, reliable partner who has the necessary specialist knowledge and many years of experience. We are able to understand the individual requirements of your business and offer tailor-made solutions. We guarantee fair prices and clear communication during the consultation process.

Let us help you optimize your business processes, improve efficiency and strengthen your digital presence. Together we can achieve your goals.


After the consultation, we start with the conception. Conception is an important step in ensuring that a software project is implemented successfully and effectively. Through careful planning, we ensure that the product meets your expectations and is tailored to user’s needs.

A well-thought-out concept includes identifying requirements, analyzing user needs and defining the functionality of the software. With the joint, careful selection of the technologies to be used to ensure that the software works effectively and is easy to maintain. The design (architecture) of the software determines how the various components interact with each other and how data is processed.

Another part of our concepts is determining the design of the user interface. A well-designed user interface is important to ensure that the software is easy to use and provides users with a pleasant experience. By using wireframes, prototypes and mock-ups, we can plan and design the user interface design in detail.


After the conception phase, the actual development of your software begins. This is where the code (source code) is written to implement the functionality and properties of the software. During development, we carry out regular testing to ensure that the software works as planned and meets requirements.

Upon request, we can provide you with interim versions of the software, e.g. in the form of closed BETA versions (Apple TestFlight, Microsoft AppCenter, Google Playstore). Through these early test phases, we guarantee high quality and can influence your comments and change requests during development.

Through the close cooperation between our project managers/developers and you, we guarantee effective software development and the best possible result.

Quality assurance / Maintenance

For us, quality assurance, during and after development, is an important aspect to ensure that your software application works error-free and reliably. Effective quality assurance management helps reduce costs, increase your satisfaction and improve efficiency.

Our quality assurance includes carrying out tests, both manual (UI/UX) and automated, for example through unit tests. Your software is checked for functionality, usability, performance and security. In addition to unit tests and integration tests, other means such as acceptance tests or performance tests can be used. The goal is to identify problems and errors in the software at an early stage in order to find a quick solution and ensure the quality of the software.

appfarms provides you with a bug tracking system. This is a tool used to capture, categorize and track all issues and errors in the software. This allows our development team to effectively eliminate the errors and ensure that the software works error-free and reliably.

Monitoring code quality and compliance with standards is also part of our standards. This includes reviewing code for readability, maintainability, and adherence to coding style guides to ensure code is consistent and effective.

Once development is complete, appfarms offers you software maintenance. This is done on the basis of a service agreement tailored to you and includes fixing errors, carrying out regular updates and improving the performance of the software.